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Blacksheep25 Disrespctfully Halo 4 Sorge
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Destiny - Trial of Osiris COMBACK!! This was a crazy game!! [youtube]2JIdoJLkZzE[/youtube]
Re: Twitch Hub Just an update on my stream.. Ill be giving away a 5 dollar Amazon gift card once I reach 100 follow
Re: Bungie's Destiny site You should have posted!! Im a female gamer to loves to hang out at Please come
BBCode Guide [size=25px][b]These examples contain asterisks which need to be removed for the code to work[/b].[/s
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? I currently have the Samsung Note 2. Its awesome!!! My wife has the iPhone 5 We pay 100 dollars
Re: ASK Something he might like is some Sugar Free Water taffy. Those things are awesome!! My step dad eats
GTA V Gameplay Here is the newest release from the GTA V Gameplay. Its currently at IGN. Once I get home I'll add t
Re: Twitch Hub Ill make sure to follow you MLG once I get home..
Re: Funny Chat lines [quote=Darkened Lynx][IMG][/IMG][/quote] WOW!! I already made it on
Re: Mobile chat box avatar size This is what it looks like on Android. Looks fine to me. [img]
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? I'll be buying Destiny for [spoiler] Answer has been censored.[/spoiler] I just think that its going
Re: Introduce Yourself Howdy everyone.. A lot of yall may know who I am already and maybe some of yall dont.. Im a 25 year
Twitch Hub Got the Idea from the Youtube hub from HTR. So I thought I would make the Twitch Hub for people who
Re: Post your Gaming Area! Here is my newest setup.. Custom Built PC with Dual Monitors. [img]
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed Follow me at [url=]@hellraizer87[/url]

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