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I think my K/d is not correct i had 4 matches
in the end the DTR gave me 1.63 K/D but i think is more like 5.1 K/D how is calculated?
Thanks in advance

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k/d is kills per death so if you had a 16 k/d that means you killed 16 guys per every 1 death. if you had one match with a where you killed 32 enemies and died 2 times you would have a k/d of 16.0. now if in the next round you killed 4 guys and died 3 times that would give you a k/d of 1.33. you dont put those two together to find your average kill death rate as that would give you an incorrect k/d of 8.66. you take 32 kills and 2 deaths from the first match and add the kills and deaths of the second match( 4K, 3D) giving a total of 36 kills and 5 deaths which gives a k/d of 7.2. the amount of rounds have no bearing on your k/d
mathematical formula:

without knowing what how many kills and deaths you had in those four rounds its not possible to determine if the k/d provided is correct but id wager it is.